Project Management Methodology


All projects are organized and managed according to a methodology based on best practices adapted from ISO 21500, IEEE 1233, PRINCE2 and PMBoK among other standards.

Project Phases

  1. Envisioning - Clearly define the goals of a proposed product to produce an initial draft of the System Requirements
  2. Planning - Evaluate competing ideas to satisfy the goals put forth in the System Requirements. Structure selected ideas into a conceptual design for further development. Produce initial Project Schedule with key Milestones and Project Budget. Produce Quality Assurance and Product Testing plan. Revise System Requirements.
  3. Development - Produce Reference Designs, working prototypes and manufacturing process(es). Produce Supply Chain Management Plan, Service Management Plan and Product Specifications. Revise System Requirements, Project Schedule, Project Budget and Quality Assurance and Product Testing plan.
  4. Production - Begin producing product. Begin full Quality Assurance and Product Testing.
  5. Stabilization - Revise System Requirements, Reference Design(s), manufacturing processes, SCM Plan, Quality Assurance and Product Testing plan to address issues and defects.